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Exciting news!

Hi everyone,

I realise it's a been a long time since my last blog post - I've been slacking! However, I've just received some AMAZING news and thought it would be a good idea to start up the blog again and share it.

I have recently been accepted to study on the prestigious Máster en Interpretación Guitarra Clásica course at Universidad de Alicante! After I finished my BA degree, I knew I wanted to continue with my studies but I wanted to find the right place and the right course. Having had nearly three years to explore new repertoire and take part in more performances, I was committed to idea of pursuing a performance based course. It definitely gives you a boost and confirms you are going in the right direction when you receive good news! (Though I try to remind myself that not everything rests on everyone else's approval and rejection doesn't necessarily mean you are a bad player... but that is another thought for another time.)

The course starts in January and has eight main modules to explore a large body of the classical guitar repertoire, along with additional modules including chamber music, conducting and neuroscience and physiology in instrumental practice. (Read more about the course here.)

Unfortunately, I am not eligible for a postgraduate loan as the course is outside of the UK. I was also unsuccessful in my application for external funding! Therefore, I am planning to fund the whole thing myself. Of course, I need some help and if you are reading this, please consider sparing me a few quid.. literally, every little helps! I have set up a crowd funding page here so please visit. I've made a good start but still have a long way to go, so if you could donate some money (a tenner, a fiver, a pound!) I would be eternally grateful! I'm also planning to do a number of fundraising concerts over the next few months so keep your eyes on the Events/ page on the website.

I'm feeling positive and will keep playing, promoting and saving! I also had a great gig last week with the Woodside String Quartet which I am excited to tell you about in the next blog post...

Bye for now!


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