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Spring update

Hi everyone!

I thought it was about time for an update on everything I've been up to over the past few months.

I had three great performance engagements to speak of. The first was 24th March - an Easter Celebration Concert. I was invited by Wirral Community Choir to be the guest soloist for the performance and played four pieces - pretty easy going by a concert standard! I played two pieces by Barrios, 'Preludio saudade' from La Catedral and Vals Op. 8 No. 3, Danza Brasilera by Jorge Morel and El Vito by José de Azpiazu in the second half. The audience were great and I made a few useful contacts - so all in all, a successful gig! I even got some footage - albeit of low quality - from the audience of Danza Brasilera! (See right...)

The day after the Easter concert, I was invited to play at the Peacock & Pye jazz night in Milo Lounge, Liverpool. This was so much more chilled than the concert the night before! I played a 45 min set of some nice South American jazzy-sounding pieces and a few old classical guitar favourites! After my slot, I had the chance to watch and listen to some fabulous jazz musicians including some absolutely AMAZING guitarists! Those jazz cats...

I played last week at an independent bookstore in Wirral as part of their 'First Thursday' poetry evening. This was a really interesting evening of poetry, music and art. I was the sole musician and played music by John Dowland, Renata Montanari, Maria Luisa Anido and Leo Brouwer. (I also received some really nice feedback from a conductor who has made guest appearances with the Berlin Philharmonic - I wish I'd had the chance to chat a little more!)

At the moment, I'm coming to the end of my contract at the Cornerstone Arts Festival. I've had an amazing time after being invited back to work there and the week of the festival was just incredible! My highlights have to be: Charlie Barber's Sound Affairs production Salomé (a composition for percussion played live set to the 1923 silent film Salomé) and of course, the fabulous Katona Twins - who gave a nice shout out for the Liverpool Guitar Society.

A snap of me from the jazz night

While doing all of this, I have still been teaching and directing the guitar ensemble at the LGS. Our ensemble meeting is tonight so I'm sure I will have a lot to write about for my next blog post. We have some exciting things coming up!

Keep an eye on my 'Events' page for upcoming gigs and make sure you're following me on Twitter (or Instagram) to keep up to date with all my news!

That's all for now!


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