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Hi everyone, welcome to my blog!

I've decided to try and make a start to my career as a classical guitarist and this blog, as part of my website, will document my journey. I'm planning on posting about all things guitar: repertoire, teaching, performing, the Liverpool Guitar Society (of which I am the Musical Director), practice and everything else in between!

A little bit about me to begin with: I graduated in July 2016 from my Music (BA) degree from Liverpool Hope University, I teach guitar in schools and am currently working at the Cornerstone Arts Festival as Project Manager (you might also catch me behind a checkout in a supermarket...) I am part of a couple of chamber music ensembles: a guitar duo with Yvonne Grunder, Chair of the Liverpool Guitar Society, and the Jazelle Piano/Guitar Duo, with Jasmine Scarisbrick, an active performer and composer - but I am always looking to form new collaborations.

Please keep an eye on my 'Concerts' page as I will be constantly be updating this. I am hoping to create some new media content soon in the form of recordings and videos and will be posting these on the website as soon as they're ready.

Catch up soon...

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